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How do I create a password-protected webinar?
How do I create a password-protected webinar?
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You can choose to password-protect your webinars. Once password-protected, your attendees will need to enter a secret password of your choosing to join the webinar. You must provide the password to your attendees or they won't be able to enter the meeting.

Access Webinar Links when in your webinar you are configuring or from My Webinars. The first tab within Webinar Links will be for your audience. Click "Set Password for URL" to password-protect your webinar.

After clicking on "Set Password for URL" you may enter your password and click [Save]. Click the eye icon to make sure you typed the password correctly.

It's possible to set a separate password for each tab of access.
Allowing you to create different passwords for Presenters and Audience members before accessing the webcast.

To disable the password, simply click "Disable Password" and your webinar is no longer password-protected.

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