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Present a Webinar: How to Record an On-Demand Webinar
Present a Webinar: How to Record an On-Demand Webinar
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Just click the Presenter URL, enter your name and email, and choose how you want to connect.

Once you are connected, check to make sure the blue wave bar is moving in the upper right-hand corner to indicate a successful connection.

When your content is uploaded and arranged using Slide Organizer you are ready to record. Select the green record button next to the presenter controls. A countdown will show, and once complete you'll see the "Recording" appear in the Presenter console header.

A useful timer will be added before the presenter controls.

When you have finished recording, select the End button. But don't worry if you accidentally click it the End button too early, a confirmation pop-up with request confirmation.

Selecting Yes will end the recording. Once the recording has ended, you may choose to record again by clicking the Record button again.

You can continue to record for as many times as you need. To see all of your recordings, select the View Recordings hyperlink in the Presenter Console Header.

A list of your recordings will be displayed. Discard the recording you wish to remove from your livestream and for future on-demand viewings.

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