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How do I delete a Pre-Recorded Live recording?
How do I delete a Pre-Recorded Live recording?
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We've all been there: you hit record on your Pre-Recorded Live session, only to realize... it's not exactly the masterpiece you envisioned. Maybe the audio glitched, the lighting was off, or you want to start fresh.

Don't worry! This handy guide will walk you through the simple steps of removing those unwanted recordings from your library.

How to delete recording:

You can't delete your recordings. Instead, you will have the option to discard them, and then we archive the recordings so you can restore them anytime in case you change your mind!

To discard or restore recordings:

  1. Select View Recordings after completing your recordings from within the Presenter Console.

    Your most recent recordings are listed under the Selected.
    You may use the Discard button to remove playback during your following webinar schedule.

  2. Select Discarded to see any previous recordings that you've removed.
    You'll notice that you can choose to restore a discarded recording by selecting Restore.

Presenters have different time availability to record? Check out this guide on recording presenters separately:

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