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How do I make edits to my webinar recording?
How do I make edits to my webinar recording?
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To make edits to your webinar, you can use's advanced editing feature. Advanced Editing can be accessed from My Webinar or the Presenter Console.

My Webinar Page

Once in Advanced Editing, select Edit for the recording you want to edit.

You can do the following in Advanced Editing:

  • Adjust Volume

  • Cut Heads/Tails

  • Replace Slides

  • Replace Media

  • Use the Timeline

  • Add Jump Points

Adjust Volume

To the right of the slide preview click on Adjust Volume.

Use your mouse to slide the volume up and down.

Note. The longer the webinar is, the longer the publishing time will be when editing the volume.

Cut Head/Tail

To the right of the slide preview click on Cut Head/Tail.

Insert your desired Start and End times.

If you decide you want to revert back to the original time, you can select the Undo icon.

At any given time you can come back to Advance Editing and change the start and end times or revert back to the original recorded start and end.

Replace Slides

To the right of the slide preview click on Replace Slides.

Replace slides will replace all the slides in your presentation. Upload the slide deck, and make sure the slide deck has the same number of slides. See the Replace Single Slide section below to replace single slides.

A slide mapping window will be displayed to ensure the correct slides are being replaced.

Note. When replacing slides you must use a deck that has a matching number of slides as well as animations.

Replace Media

To the right of the slide preview the last option will be Replace Media.

Replace Media will allow you to replace the existing MP4 File recording with another one. This is a perfect option for those Users who can edit the MP4 outside the platform using their own video editing tools. Can I download the Media Player recording only?

Note. Once the recording has been replaced, you will only be able to adjust the timing of the slides.


Use the Timeline as a visual representation of your webinar. Here you can see when slides, video clips, polls, URLs, and Screen Share actions have been recorded.

Click on one of the colored dots to edit the timing by increasing or decreasing the time using the arrows. You can also choose to remove the action from the recording.

Replace Single Slide

Clicking on a slide action (blue) within the Timeline will give you two options, Replace and Delete. To replace a single slide, click Replace and upload your new slide.


Clicking on a poll action (pink) within the Timeline will give the options to increase or decrease the time for the poll and an option to delete it. Use the arrows to increase or decrease the amount of time, and click Delete to remove the action from the webinar recording.

All actions can be deleted except for the play-action for videos.


You can make a video shorter or remove unwanted parts from your webinar. If you want to remove an action, such as a slide flip or a poll, it is best to use the delete feature described above. Click on the scissors icon you can drag and drop the area you wish to cut.

After clicking on the scissors icon select your location within the recording to start the cut and click the scissors icon again above the section you want the cut to end.

If you decide you want to restore the unwanted part, simply click the trash can icon over the section you selected.

Edit Timing

Use Edit Timing to update your webinar actions and include Jump Points for your audience to index while watching the webinar on-demand. Here you can see the times where slides, video clips, polls, URLs, and Screen Share actions have been recorded. Adjust the time manually and click Save Changes.

Shift Time

You can Add and Subtract time to a single webinar action or edit multiple timings at a time by selecting the webinar actions you wish to edit. Click Apply and Save Changes.

Jump Points

In Edit Timing click on + Add Jump Points and the pink pin icon will be populated by default. You may also select any webinar action to be a jump point by clicking on the pin next to the action. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Preview Jump Points

When your Jump Points have been selected, click on Preview Jump Points to view. Click the Preview Jump Points again to return to Edit Timing.

The audience will see the Jump Points defined as Chapters.

Publish Your Edits

Once you've completed your edits, make sure you select Publish. This will save and publish your edits. The number of edits made to your recording will show in the upper right corner of Advanced Editing.

The Reset button will reset your edits back to the last time you ran a publish. If you want to restore all your edits so the recording is restored to its original state, use the Rest All feature by clicking the three dots to the right of Publish button.

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