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How do I add or update my webinar's Jump Points?
How do I add or update my webinar's Jump Points?
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Each webinar action is defined as a Jump Point. You can also add in your own Jump Points. These timings serve as index points or chapters available to the audience when they select the Jump To button.

Jump Points can be added or edited within Advanced Editing.

Advanced Editing can be accessed from My Webinar or the Presenter Console.

My Webinar Page

Once in Advanced Editing, select Edit for the recording you want to modify.

On the Edit Timing tab, click + Add Jump Points. The pink pin icon appears by default.

You can also select any webinar action to be a jump point by clicking on the pin next to the action. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Preview Jump Points

When your Jump Points have been selected select Preview Jump Points to view.

The audience will see the Jump Points defined as Chapters.

How do I make edits to my webinar recording?

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