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Present a Webinar: How to Present Pre-Recorded Live to Live Q&A
Present a Webinar: How to Present Pre-Recorded Live to Live Q&A
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Webinars offer a fantastic way to share your knowledge with a remote audience. But what if you have a pre-recorded presentation packed with valuable information, yet you still crave the interactivity of a live Q&A session? No worries! Our platform allows you to combine the best of both worlds: present a pre-recorded webinar and then transition to Live Q&A. offers three ways to present a Pre-Recorded Live webinar:

  • Pre-recorded live run in auto-pilot

  • Pre-Recorded Live to Live Q&A

  • Multiple Pre-Recorded Live to Live Q&A schedules

Pre-recorded live Ran in Auto-Pilot

This mode is the easiest way to present your webinars out of the three. You can set up the schedule(s) and let it run as a simulated live webinar; the presenter does not need to interact post-recording.

Pre-recorded Live to Live Q&A

This mode involves presenter interaction after the presentation. The recorded webinar will play, and upon completion, the presenter can broadcast live to the audience for Live Q&A or share additional live content post-recording.

Transitioning From Pre-Recorded Live to Live Q&A

Before the pre-recorded presentation ends,

  1. Connect to the presenter console.

    Choose how you want to broadcast your live content after the recording: Audio Only or with Camera.

  2. In the upper-right corner of the console page, you will see a countdown timer indicating the time left before the pre-recorded presentation ends and an Enable Live QA button to activate the Live Q&A and transition after the presentation.

    IMPORTANT: Please enable the Live Q&A before the time runs out!

    After clicking the Enable Live QA button, a confirmation window will appear.

    Upon confirmation, a Cancel Live QA button will replace it, allowing you to cancel the transition to Live Q&A.

  3. Once the timer ends and the Live Q&A has been activated, you will be presented with the options to start the live broadcast or end the presentation.

    1. Go Live - press this green button to start the Live Q&A.

    2. End - press this red button to end the presentation.

  4. The timer will start tracking your progress, and you can end the Live Q&A anytime by clicking the End button.

When an On-Demand schedule has been added, the Live Q&A recording will be automatically appended to the On-Demand webinar.

To decide what videos will be displayed during the On-Demand session, click on the View Recordings within the header to bring up the following window:

Here you can:

  • Remove the webinar's recording and have the Live Q&A recording as the On-Demand webinar.

  • Remove the Live Q&A recording and have the webinar's recording as the On-Demand webinar.

Multiple Pre-Recorded Live to Live Q&A schedules

This involves scheduling a webinar more than once using the Pre-recorded Live option and following the Presenter/Producer steps to transition to a Live Q&A webinar during multiple scheduled times. This will allow your webinar to record multiple Live Q&A sessions.

Editing Your Live Q&As

If you go to The Lab to edit the recording, you'll be able to see all the videos that will be played during the next session. Live Q&A recordings can be easily identified there.

You can include Live Q&A in your Pre-Recorded Live webinars by simply populating the Include Live QA in Pre-recorded Live checkbox.

IMPORTANT: You must use more than just the Live QA for your Pre-Recorded Live webinar. If you discard the original recordings and mark the Include Live in the Pre-recorded Live checkbox, the Pre-Recorded Live webinar will not start.

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