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Why am I muted when playing a video to the audience?
Why am I muted when playing a video to the audience?
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The platform's automated muting is a precautionary measure to enhance the overall webinar experience and prevent potential audio disruptions.

Video Narration Auto Muting:

  • Scenario: Add a video to your webinar content and wish to narrate but face automatic muting.

  • Explanation: Muting during video playback is intentional to prevent audio feedback from the presenter's speakers, ensuring a smooth audience experience.

  • Avoiding Audio Feedback:

    • Reasoning: Some presenters may unintentionally create loud feedback when their microphone and video audio are active simultaneously.

    • Platform Response: Automatic muting of all presenters when a video begins to avoid disruptive audio interference.

  • Temporary Muting:

    • Nature of Muting: Muting during video playback is temporary and platform-driven.

    • Unmuting: Presenters who were unmuted before the video started will be automatically unmuted once the video concludes.

(See image below for visual guidelines)
A presenter is speaking before showing the video to the audience​

​The presenter starts playing the video, and it is automatically muted

Once the video ends, all presenters that had an open mic at the start of the video will be unmuted automatically

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I have the presenter speaking during the Video?

    Yes, you can. It is really easy, once the video starts playing and you (the presenter) get muted, all you have to do is go to the top of the screen and press the Unmute button and you will be unmuted with no problems.

    Presenters can unmute themselves after the video starts so they can speak over it and narrate it.

  • Can I unmute my Presenters instead?

    Yes, you can also do it. For this, configure your webinar to have Producer Control. One of the options available for the Producer is the ability to mute/unmute microphones and cameras for the presenters. You need to display the Presenters' List and unmute the Presenter that will talk during the video presentation. This will work regardless of who has control of the presentation.

    The Producer can unmute any Presenter in case you want to do it for them

To know how to activate the Producer Control, please check the following article: How to Manage Webinar Producers

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