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How do I check my network status while presenting?
How do I check my network status while presenting?
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You can quickly check your network connection status by selecting the Network Status icon in the Presenter Console's header.

The status of your network connection will appear in a new window and is updated every 2 seconds.

If you are using the Producer Role, you can check the status of your presenters by selecting the Network Status icon next to their names.

​Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the network status connection to servers or the Internet?

    This icon checks the status of the network to the servers, specifically the connection to the Connector/Presenter Server selected for that webinar.

  • What is a good Audio/Video Upload and Download speed?

    The upload and download speeds depend on what is happening within the webinar:

    • Muted Webcam - 150K-250K

    • Unmuted Webcam, no motion - 300K-500K

    • Shared Webcam, motion changes active - Download speeds exceed 1Mbps

  • What is a bad Round-trip time?
    ​The round-trip time is not noticeable when it is less than 300 ms.

  • How do I fix WIFI packet loss?

    Remove anything that could be causing interference, such as power lines, cameras, wireless speakers, and cell phones, which all cause interference in networks. Also, switch to a wired connection to help reduce packet loss.

  • What does Jitter mean?

    Jitter in WebRTC means the number of variations in packet delay. High jitter values contribute to poor audio quality, which can degrade customer experiences and prevent call center agents from communicating effectively.

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