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Present a Webinar: How do I add seeded questions to Q&A?
Present a Webinar: How do I add seeded questions to Q&A?
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Live Q&A sessions are the heart of audience interaction during a webinar. But sometimes, those crucial questions might take a while to get rolling, especially with a larger audience. That's where seeded questions come in!

You can think of them as conversation starters, carefully crafted questions you can strategically use to spark discussions and keep the Q&A flowing. They can be a lifesaver if the audience seems hesitant to participate initially.

Benefits of Seeded Questions:

  • Break the Ice. Encourage audience participation early on by prompting them with thought-provoking questions related to your webinar topic.

  • Highlight Key Points. Use seeded questions to emphasize specific aspects of your presentation that you want the audience to remember.

  • Gauge Understanding. Craft questions that test audience comprehension of the presented material.

  • Fuel Discussions. Spark debates or discussions around specific topics related to your webinar theme.

Remember: Don't overdo it! A few well-placed seeded questions are enough to prime the pump and get a lively discussion going. Let the natural audience questions take center stage once the conversation gets rolling.

To add seeded questions:

  1. Access the Presenter Console, then navigate to the Q&A component found at the left-hand rail.

  2. The Q&A window will pop out, then hover to the + Add Question hyperlink.

  3. The seed question form will open and you may now enter the appropriate information in the fields provided.

  4. After inserting the question information, click the Add button, and you're done!

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