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Webinar Planning Checklist
Webinar Planning Checklist
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Having a checklist to follow is very helpful when you're planning your webinar. This lets you ensure you've got everything sorted so you can relax and focus on delivering an excellent presentation. To help you out, we've put together a webinar planning checklist that covers all the essentials:

  1. Choose a date and time that works for your audience

  2. Confirm speakers and send them an outline of what you'd like them to cover

  3. Create a promotional plan to get the word out - use email, social media, and any other channels you have

  4. Design a catchy landing page Introduce yourself and your company

  5. Create a compelling offer

  6. Include a strong call to action

  7. Make sure your registration page is mobile-friendly

  8. Set up a registration form and thank you pages

  9. Create a strong CTA that encourages people to sign up

  10. Prepare your slides and practice your presentation (make sure to have all your content, PowerPoints, and Videos uploaded and tested within the Presenter Console 24 hours before the webinar)

  11. Plan for any technical difficulties that could arise - have a backup plan in place

  12. On the day of the webinar, do a soundcheck and test your equipment at least 2 hours before the webinar starts

  13. Invite presenters and give them instructions

  14. Start promoting your webinar a week in advance

  15. Send reminders to registrants the day before and day of the event

  16. After the webinar, send a follow-up email to all attendees

  17. Thank them for coming and invite them to contact you

  18. Do a test run of the webinar to make sure everything works as it should

  19. Promote your event on social media

  20. On the day of the webinar, make sure you're prepared and relaxed

  21. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and follow up with attendees afterward!

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