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How Can I Turn Off My Registration Page?
How Can I Turn Off My Registration Page?
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Depending on the desired workflow, you may not want to include a registration page for your webinar. If desired, you can optionally turn off the registration.

Let's walk through both turning off registration and how to manually add new registrations once disabled.

Disabling the Registration Page:

After creating a webinar or entering into an existing one.

access the "Registration" tab from the lefthand navigation rail.

It's on this page that we can access the registration toggle to disable the overall registration page. To disable registration simply click on the blue text labeled "Turn Off":

After selecting the option to disable the registration page, you will see a menu appear that confirms your choice. This menu also gives you the option to turn off any existing integrations.

If you don't have any existing integrations configured, you can safely leave these checkboxes selected by default. Select the blue "Turn Off" button to confirm your change and disable the registration page:

What does the audience experience look like now?:

After disabling a registration page, any viewer attempting to use the public audience URL will instead be sent directly to the webinar's login page to enter their email address.

Once disabled, there is no way for an audience member to reach a registration page and self-submit, unless turned back on again from the previous menu.

Adding Registrations Once Disabled:

With your registration page disabled, you can quickly upload a list of registrants in bulk through our bulk registration feature. You can read more on that here!

However, you can quickly add a single registration to the webinar by returning to your "Webinar Links" icon and choosing the "Private Registration" tab.

From here you will want to click on the blue "Generate" button:

After clicking "Generate" You will notice a new "Private Registration URL" appear within the menu, with a clickable link that brings you to a private registration page for that webinar.

You can quickly complete the registration page on behalf of someone who you'd like to join, and then ask them to log in to the webinar through the standard audience URL.

However, this link should not be given directly to the attendee!

If you've accidentally provided the Private Registration URL to someone who should not have received it. You can click on the blue "Regenerate" button to quickly create a new link.

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