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What if a PowerPoint conversion fails?
What if a PowerPoint conversion fails?
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When your Powerpoint conversation fails or looks undesirable after upload, there are some things you can check to ensure success. This article will walk you through the best practices and highlight some watch-outs.

💡 Converting the Powerpoint, why do you do that?

We do not show your PowerPoint (PPT or PPTX) in its true PowerPoint format for your audience members.

Instead, we will convert your slide deck to our proprietary format that's optimized for web streaming, it's how we can send out all your slides to hundreds of viewers all at once.

⚠️ Let's take a look at some of the common issues that can arise from a misconfigured Powerpoint:

  1. I've uploaded my deck but I don't see the thumbnail previews of each slide, or each preview has a spinning circle.
    This may mean that you've placed graphics, shapes, charts, or otherwise. Outside of the default canvas area within your slide deck.
    Don't forget to also review your "slide master" for misplaced elements. As any error applied to your master may spill onto all your slides.

  2. My powerpoint uploaded and converted okay, but the text is not how I designed it, and/or the placement is not where I selected it.
    You should check to see if your PowerPoint was designed with custom fonts, or has embedded fonts that are restricted by a copyright license.
    Custom fonts are supported by - However, they must be embedded within your Powerpoint deck and not be "restricted" in any way.

  3. My slides aren't transitioning along with the animations as I've designed them, or do not seem to work at all.
    Check each of your animations or transitions & review their timing status, the only supported option is "on-click".
    Setting your slide deck's timing to be "with-previous" or any other setting can cause these elements to disappear or not respond as designed.

  4. I've uploaded my slide deck and I've gotten a nondescript error, what could the problem be?
    Unfortunately, we couldn't begin the conversion on your file. Kindly review your PowerPoint settings to ensure that you have not "Password-protected" your file.

  5. My slide's text is low quality/distorted or a graph/chart is displaying blurry or pixelated.
    When exporting your Powerpoint you should make sure that your text is large enough to see clearly on the canvas, as some loss can be expected after conversion.
    Very small text may become pixelated and should be enlarged. Powerpoint can assist you with a setting found in.
    File > Options > proofing > AutoCorrect Options > Autoformat:

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