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How do I export a webinar as an MP4/MP3 file?
How do I export a webinar as an MP4/MP3 file?
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Your entire presentation is automatically recorded. Webinars are recorded as soon as the webinar starts, and a replay is made available after the webinar ends.

​Additionally, you can request an MP4 of this recording by queuing up an "export."
After ending the webinar, click on the 3-dot Webinar Actions icon and select the "Export" option that appears:

To start a new export select "Click here to export".

Download Preferences

There are two download preferences:

  • Full Interface
    Which includes all background images/colors, presentation window, media player, and presenter window.

  • Presentation Window Only
    Which includes the presentation window with the presenter overlay.​

Full Interface

The presentation window, media player, and presenter window are selected by default.
You can select which windows you want to display in your export.

For example, clearing the Presenter checkbox may remove the presenter window.
This setup displays a preview with only the Media Player and the Presentation Window.

Presentation Window Only

The Media Player (presenter's camera) is selected by default.

You may remove the Media Player from the recording by unchecking the "Media Player" checkbox:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I adjust the MP4's file size?

    The exported recording will be created in full 1080P HD quality by default.
    If you need a smaller file size while still having a great-looking presentation, adjust the quality setting to (HD 720P).

    While the outputted resolution is smaller, you will still obtain a high-quality recording:

  • Can I export just the audio from my webinar?

    When exporting, you can download just an audio version (mp3) of your event. Select the "Yes" checkbox to export just an mp3 file of your webinar.

  • Are layout switches supported in the recording?

    No, exports will always be recorded from the default layout.
    Layout switches can only be seen by audience members.

  • How long should an export take?

    Your MP4 delivery time will vary based on the webinar's size and duration.
    To ensure you're promptly notified, you can receive an email notification once the MP4 export is finished.

    If your webinar is over 1 hour, kindly allow for additional processing time. Enter your email into the Notify Email Addresses section, and receive a notification when the export has been completed.

    You can download the export to your local drive when it is complete.
    Select the blue download link next to the files and save them to your device.

For further assistance, contact us through live chat at the bottom right of this page or send us an email at

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