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Do I need to worry about starting on time?
Do I need to worry about starting on time?
Updated over a week ago

No, you are in full control of your webinar's start time!

Before hitting the green "start" button to begin your webinar's live stream, audience members who've entered the live console early will be waiting in the wings, accompanied by some standard-hold music.

Rest assured, any pre-show conversations with the other presenters inside the Presenter Console cannot be seen or heard by awaiting webinar attendees until the green "start" button has been pressed and your webinar begins.

Any webinar that starts late will continue to function as a typical webinar.
Starting late does not affect the recorded presentation, ensuring the full recorded experience for your on-demand archive from "start" to "end."

What Should We Do if We're Running Behind?

If you need a few moments before starting your webinar for any reason.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Use the Broadcast Message feature to send customized audience notifications and alert everyone with real-time updates.

  • If you did have some unexpected hiccups, avoid repeated mentions or apologies for delays & technical difficulties that your on-demand audience likely won't experience.

  • After the recording, edit your recording with The Lab to cut out any parts of the presentation that are no longer relevant for the on-demand audience.

If you need more help, please contact us through chat or email us at

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