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Why is the webinar not loading?
Why is the webinar not loading?
Updated over a week ago

If you've registered and logged into the webinar but see a loading circle or loading hourglass, you may be on a protected network or firewall.

If you are having frequent connection issues, some immediate steps to try are:

  1. Turn off any firewall or connected VPN.

  2. Use your mobile phone's Hotspot or another network for an outside connection.

Viewing Issue Best Practices:

  • Refresh your browser using the browser controls or press the F5 button on your keyboard.

  • Try viewing in another web browser than your current one, like Chrome or Firefox browser.

  • Make sure there are no other tabs, windows, or applications connected that may be using a lot of internet.

Your IT team can be a great resource if you need help viewing the webinar after trying our troubleshooting tips. They might have some extra tricks to diagnose and fix the issue.

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