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Reporting: Activities - Continuing Education
Reporting: Activities - Continuing Education
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Activity reports are found on the lefthand navigation within's reporting module. You can click the export icon which will generate a report that you can download as a .csv file.

Continuing Education reporting displays the attendees progress:

  • Completion # (%)

  • In Progress # (%)

  • Failure # (%)

Click View Details to see additional information.

Credit information will be found within the exported .csv files. Within Reporting, click Export All and select "Continuing Education".

The following fields can be found within the ContinuingEducationParticipants.csv report.

  • Continuing Education Status

  • Answered Polls

  • Passed Quizzes

  • Failed Quizzes

  • Completed Surveys

  • Live Watched Time

  • OnDemand Watched Time

  • Total Watched Time

  • Certificate Issues (Yes/No)

  • Credits Earned

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