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Why is my webinar video seen with a Green / Purple hue?
Why is my webinar video seen with a Green / Purple hue?
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Some users may experience a purple or green hue in the media player. This is caused by the user's individual hardware configuration and is unrelated to the media being broadcast

Here we will share 5 different troubleshooting solutions that can be tried to fix the issue in your computer.

1. Turn off Chrome/Firefox Hardware Acceleration

The first step to follow will be to disable the Hardware Acceleration from your browser.

a. Chrome

- Open the More menu (Three dots), and look for Settings

- Go to Advanced and now select System in the left side menu.

- Turn off Use hardware acceleration when available

b. Firefox

- Go to Menu (Three lines) and select Settings

- In the General tab go to Performance

- You will find Use recommended performance settings, uncheck it, and then uncheck Use hardware acceleration when available

2. Disable Chrome Hardware-accelerated Video Decode

- Go to the browser address bar and type about:flags and press enter

- Go to the search bar and write Hardware-accelerated video decode

- Choose Disable and relaunch Chrome.

3. Disable Graphics Performance on Windows

One of the solutions will be to disable Graphics Performance, these are the steps to follow:

- Open Settings, go to System and choose Display

- Go to the Multiple displays section and select Graphics Settings

- Finally, remove Google Chrome from the list

4. Update Graphics Driver

If none of the previous troubleshooting solutions have been successful, we can try updating the Graphics Driver.

a. Mac

- Click on the Apple logo, and select System Preference

- Go to Software Update

- and select Update Now

b. Windows

- Look for the Device Manager

- Double click on Display Adapters

- Right Click on the device you want to choose and select Update Driver

- Select search automatically for drivers from the new menu. Once completed restart your computer.

5. Reinstall Google Chrome

This is the final option. Please follow the instructions that correspond to your Operating System.

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