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What should a presenter have available for the presentation?
What should a presenter have available for the presentation?
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It is recommended that all presenters prepare the following:

  • A telephone with a quality headset for EACH presenter. Speakerphones have a poor sound quality and tend to pick up the background noise. If you must use a speakerphone try putting something padding under the phone (things around the office such as legal pads or newspapers will do the trick) and make sure the phone is away from computer fans, projectors, and air conditioning units. Cellphones and cordless/wireless headsets or phones of any kind should be avoided as they are subject to disconnection and interference.

  • A hardcopy printout of your slides. Make sure you print out the same PowerPoint file that has been uploaded. In case your computer or internet connection fails, you can reference your slides while another presenter flips the slides for you without any interruption to your webinar.

  • A wired internet connection. Wireless can work, but we do not recommend it as the signal can be subject to interference. It is recommended that you test your system briefly before joining the webinar’s pre-call.

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