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Can I use private browsing to view a webinar?
Can I use private browsing to view a webinar?
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Private browsing is a privacy feature present in some web browsers that disables web cache, cookies, browsing history or any other tracking feature that the browser may have. This allows the attendee to browse the web without leaving traces such as local data that can later be retrieved. One major feature of private browsing is disabling data storage through cookies, which is a way for websites to track and record an attendee's activities.

Private browsing is also known as privacy mode or incognito mode.

Although using private browsing has its advantages, using private browsing with has its drawbacks. Certain built-in features of the browser are not utilized which prevents some features from working (i.e. Facebook Component). Therefore, always suggest viewing webinars on browsers not using the following:

  • Microsoft Edge = InPrivate

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer = InPrivate

  • Mozilla Firefox = Private Browsing

  • Mac Safari = Private Browsing

  • Google Chrome = Incognito

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