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I can't see any videos!
I can't see any videos!
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Note: Please use a wired internet connection to improve connection speed. If you are connected to a VPN, please disconnect as VPNs can reduce your available bandwidth and increase latency, which is especially important when streaming video.

Although, you may be joining an audio with slides webinar, with no video! Please hover over the icons on the left side navigation bar of Audience Interface, and click on Media Player. If there is a static image in the player window, it's just slides and audio.

Other useful tips:

  • Log out and log back in. Exit from the browser, then log back in using the webinar link

  • Clear your browser history and cookies. For specific instructions, see this link

  • Open the webinar link using another browser. We recommend Google Chrome for the best experience, but you can use any other up-to-date browsers like Firefox and Safari

  • Check your internet connection. Live video broadcasts use quite a bit of bandwidth. We recommend a wired connection, but Wi-Fi is good as long as your signal is at 100%. If you're in a shared network, make sure no one is downloading or streaming videos

  • Join the webinar using other devices. The problem can be an outdated OS, especially on mobile devices. It's best to attend the webinar from a computer to optimize viewing, although works natively on mobile phones.

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